Streamline your settlement process, reduce costs, and leverage machine intelligence for optimal claim outcomes

Why choose Quantum?

In the intricate world of personal injury claims, inconsistency and time-consuming processes can lead to indemnity leakage. Quantum enables you to achieve operational and indemnity savings across your MoJ and OIC claims. It empowers handlers to make fair and consistent offers in personal injury claims in-line with your claims handling strategy. Quantum extracts key information to calculate the value of pain, suffering and loss of amenity (PSLA) awards, reducing settlement time and the number of negotiation iterations.

Quantum equips you with the confidence to navigate the claims settlement process swiftly and effectively.

What does Quantum do?

Accelerate Claims Valuations

Quantum is an advanced analysis tool that goes beyond the standard approach of one-size-fits-all. It uses texts analytics, language models, and machine intelligence to help our customers reduce the time spent reading medical reports and ensure a valuation consistent with your own policy. We measure the consistency and efficacy of your existing claims handling strategy via a Noise Audit. We can work with you to refine your valuation strategy, leveraging expertise of Kennedys’ motor and casualty experts, as well as our data scientists. Our customers report system efficacy in excess of 97.5%. Quantum ensures that you’re always armed with the most relevant and useful information for your claims handling process.

Operational Efficiency

Quantum reviews medical reports as soon as they arrive on Portal Manager. By meticulously extracting injury and prognosis data from these medical reports, Quantum generates comprehensive valuations for MoJ and OIC claims that align with the Judicial College (JC) Guidelines. This process backed with Quantum’s high accuracy rates, ensures that you are equipped with the most precise and reliable data for your claims handling process.

Enhance Settlements

Quantum is more than a data extraction tool; it’s an active ally in your claim journey designed for personal injury claims managers in the motor and casualty sectors. It is designed to reduce your costs and provide a consistent approach to settlement offers, helping to protect your reputation and mitigate potential risks. Focusing on the specific details that are crucial to each unique claim, Quantum responds dynamically to the information it processes, ensuring you’re always armed with the most relevant and useful information for your claims handling process.

How does Quantum work?

Quantum is your seamless solution, fully integrated into the IQ Platform and serving as a core component of Portal Manager. It springs into action the moment medical reports become available in the MoJ and OIC portals, automatically reviewing and extracting crucial data. Injury and prognosis combinations are cross-referenced against the JC Guidelines. We then use a blend of machine learning and market expertise to determine valuations. Integrating Quantum into your workflow is as simple as a few clicks. Crafted with a user-centric design, Quantum efficiently extracts and records essential details, maximising the potential of your valuation strategy.

All Quantum outcomes are reviewed by our in-house concierge team, to ensure accuracy and provide the invaluable feedback loop for increased efficacy.

We provide benchmarking against the market, monthly claim trend updates, and review meetings to keep you informed of market trends and performance.

Step into the next generation of claims handling with Quantum. It’s not just about reducing costs and manual work; it’s about revolutionising the way you handle claims.

Contact us today to learn more about Quantum and how it can transform your claims process.

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