Careers at Kennedys IQ

Our global team at Kennedys IQ is continuously growing to meet the demand from our clients, and we’re always looking for people to join us.

The current team includes data scientists, web developers, product managers, innovation and commercial managers who are creating smart and innovative tools for our clients to help them manage their claims process more efficiently.

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Growing team at Kennedys Kognitive Computing in Kerala

Meet the team

Hear from our colleagues as they take us through a typical day in their work life and give us an insight into what it’s like to work for a technology software company building legal technology services for the insurance industry.

Renimol S - Data Scientist

Renimol is a Data Scientist on our Kerala Data team where he develops machine intelligence for the IQ product platform.


My day usually starts around 7:00am. I begin my day with a short prayer of gratitude and a coffee followed by my favorite stretching exercise.


I arrived at the office and catch up with my colleagues about ongoing projects and meetings, as well as having a general catch up.


I go through any incoming emails and voicemails and prepare my to-do list, prioritising my tasks for the day.


Each week we have a regular standup call with the Kerala IQ Team. Following the meeting , I take a short break and then start focusing on my remaining tasks.


We  have an amazing open pantry area in our office. I meet with some of my friends to catch up and enjoy a nice lunch.


On Mondays, I send weekly Fraud reports to clients, this is my main focus after lunch .


I have several meetings to attend to this afternoon, one is with the Lead Data Scientist to discuss our ongoing projects. As well as this I also attend a meeting with some professors from some Universities.


Before I leave for the day I ensure that I have caught up with the rest of the Data Scientist team, then review and respond to any emails that have come through during the day.


To end the day , I have arranged to have dinner with my friends, we head to a Chinese restaurant we really like, its nice to spend time with them and to catch up .

Sundaram Subramanian - Lead Software Developer

Sundaram is a Lead Software Developer in Kerala where he works as part of the Development team.


I start my day early every day. I look through my emails, Teams and Slack chats that have come in overnight, then I plan my day by making a to-do list.


It takes me around 15 to 20 minutes’ to drive to the office. When I reach the office, I grab a drink and start working on my to-do list.


We have an internal stand-up meeting where we give our updates on work items which we are currently working on, as well as hearing about any upcoming work items.


I go for a short tea break with my colleagues inside the office’s cafeteria.


I arrive back to my desk and continue my work, whilst having a quick catch up with my colleagues, we discuss technical works involved in the current work items or upcoming work items, reviewing the code, making technical solution for the work items.


I usually go for lunch between 13:30 to 14:00 depending on the day and catch up with my colleagues during my break.


I have a stand-up meeting this afternoon with my team members to give updates on the current work items.


After the meeting I head back to my desk and check my emails and update my to-do list.


If one-off tasks are done for the day, I pick up reviewing the code, monitoring databases and take actions if required.


After work, I go to the park for a walk/jog and listen to a podcast. I spend the rest of my evening writing and reading some technical blogs to keep me updated.

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