Why choose Kennedys IQ?

The power of law, without the lawyers

We designed Kennedys IQ to make our legal expertise and claims insight more accessible, to more clients, more of the time. It’s a range of tools and services that gives you the support of a leading global law firm at every step of your claims operations, without the costs associated with using lawyers.

Configure it your way, instantly

Every claims process is different, so you can tailor the tools to make them work for your business. You can amend workflows, plug in your own data, or change the parameters for the information you collect at different stages. And it’s quick and easy to do. Many things you can do yourself, instantly, at no cost. Or if we need to do it, we work quickly, with no long developer waiting-times.

Powered by connected data:
IQ Platform

An intelligent system needs information. IQ Platform combines millions of data points, from you, from us, from the industry, and from public sources. It then uses AI and machine learning to uncover the story of that data. You can use it to help make informed strategic choices about how you work in the future, or as real-time intelligence to improve your day-to-day claims process.

Kennedys IQ is the home for all the new cutting edge developments that we’re producing for our clients. Our IQ platform, supported by lawyers, technologists, data analysts and claims experts, helps our clients to manage their claims in less time, at a lower cost and with better outcomes. Our suite of tools help the claims handlers to manage the claims process at different stages of the claims journey.

Karim Derrick
Chief Products Officer, Kennedys IQ

Serious about innovation

We believe that legal services and claims have unlimited potential to benefit from innovation and smart technology. So we put our money and time where our mouth is. We’ve invested to create and support a dedicated innovation team made up of lawyers, technical experts, data scientists, analysts, and academic partners. We also created an Ideas Lab, a forum for our people globally to contribute innovative ideas. We fund the best and we always have new products in development. So we can bring our clients genuinely innovative technology that helps them use lawyers less.

Always evolving

Rules change. Industries evolve. So do our innovations. Our developers are always updating our tools and technology so that they stay up-to-date and keep pace with change. This often involves input from our clients – if they spot an opportunity, we’ll partner with them to turn it into a real-life solution and create the next wave of innovation.

Wherever you are

Kennedys IQ supports you wherever you are. Our global network means we have insight and expertise to support you, and adapt to local legislative frameworks, wherever a claim occurs.

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