Incident Manager

Create an immediate, accurate picture – with real-time incident support

Why choose Incident Manager?

Quality data leads to better claims decisions. Incident Manager helps you collect the right information, accurately, at the outset of a claim, so that the rest of the claim cycle is powered by the right data.

It can also provide in-the-moment help and crisis management support to guide people through the incident.

What does Incident Manager do?

Collect better-quality 
claims data

Rather than asking everybody the same generic questions, Incident Manager only asks for relevant details that will lead to the right outcome. You choose what information you need, and Incident Manager will ask ‘branching’ questions – responding intelligently and asking appropriate questions based on what it’s been told. You can even customise it at any point, if you find you need different details.

Complete the story using wider data sources

Get location data from Google Maps. Or weather data from online sources. Check for fraud by linking it to Fraud Detector. And collect photo, video and audio recordings, or drawings and annotations, from smartphones and tablets. 

Get in-the-moment support

Incident Manager is more than a passive data-collection tool. As an incident unfolds, it can provide guidance and support. That might mean giving people help – either through contact details for relevant experts, or through in-app chat sessions. You can set people tasks if you have protocols, or give ‘on the fly’ ad-hoc instructions. And you can get crisis management support to protect your reputation and limit damage.

How does Incident Manager work?

The app can easily be deployed to your insured users or your teams via text message or the app store. It’s designed to be easy to use. Following simple prompts our powerful app makes use of the full capability of your mobile device to capture rich data to record vital details.
You just log in to Kennedys IQ Platform. Any incidents recorded will be instantly visible on your dashboard which lets you customise and deploy changes to the system.

If you’d prefer it to populate your own workflow systems, we offer that as a bespoke solution.

IQ Platform

Our AI and machine learning technology. One single platform with multiple features to support the claims process.

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