Defence Lawyer (powered by KLAiM)

Manage the early stages of litigation, without lawyers

Why choose Defence Lawyer?

Why instruct a law firm if you can do the work yourself, for a fraction of the cost? Defence Lawyer helps you manage costs by only using a lawyer when you really need one.

If you decide to litigate, and liability isn’t in dispute, it gives your handlers the power to manage proceedings and try to settle. They’ll only need to instruct a lawyer if the claim becomes more complex.

What does Defence Lawyer do?

Legal proceedings, without the lawyers

Defence Lawyer is an automated workflow system that speeds you through the litigation process. It helps you manage the process from service of court proceedings to settlement, using templates and documents created and approved by our lawyers.

We’ve worked with our lawyers and claims experts to design the process, so that anybody can manage proceedings without needing a legal background. It works on a diary based system, allocating tasks to your handlers in a to-do list. It also generates documents and templates, with ‘pop up’ hints and tips to help them complete each stage. So you can be sure they’re following the correct process, to the letter.

Customise it to suit your business

All businesses have slightly different ways of working, so you can add steps or stages into the workflow, depending on your own internal processes. That might mean additional reminders, or different timescales to complete certain tasks. You can even make these changes yourself, in real time, with no extra development costs.

And, to make sure everything looks official and correct, you can add your own branding to documents.

How does Defence Lawyer work?

Your handlers log in to Kennedys IQ Platform, check their task list, and complete each stage. If they need help, they can click on ‘pop up’ support tabs.

And if a problem comes up that needs a lawyer’s input, Defence Lawyer will tell them.

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