Portal Manager

Augment your team’s expertise with our AI-powered portal assistant

You’ll manage portal claims faster, more consistently, and more efficiently – and uncover insights to reach better claims outcomes.

The MoJ and OIC portals create costs for your business. They take a significant amount of time and effort to manage. But they also offer the potential for valuable insights that could help you work more efficiently and improve your claims outcomes.

We’ve designed Portal Manager to minimise the costs and maximise the opportunities. It augments your teams, helping them work smarter and get the benefit of Kennedys’ legal insight on every claim.

Make your claims business more efficient

Portal Manager keeps a watchful eye over your portal claims. It’s designed to support your teams, so they meet their deadlines, handle claims faster and reduce errors. It will also give you oversight of your claims business, so you can adjust your teams and operations to make them as efficient as possible, including managing absence. Most importantly of all, we designed it to help you manage as many claims as you can for yourself – so you’ll use lawyers less.

In-built AI achieves better claims outcomes

Portal Manager can intelligently identify insights from your claims, enhanced by Kennedys’ experience. You can use this insight to better spot fraudulent claims, with fewer time-wasting investigations on false positives, so you only settle valid claims. Its AI brain can assess individual claims and medical reports in seconds, helping you settle quickly and fairly. And it can help you learn from your data and our market insights to develop smarter claims strategies for the future.

Get an automatic quantum assessment – accurately, consistently and in seconds

Portal Manager is intelligent, using natural language processing to read claims and assess medical evidence. In seconds, it displays a convenient report for your handlers to review and to support their assessment – with evidence of the prognosis and recovery detail. This leads to a more consistent approach and more optimal outcomes that are aligned to your claims strategy.

Cut handling time – significantly

Your claims handlers will likely spend more than 20 or 30 minutes assessing the evidence for each claim. Portal Manager reviews it before you get there and gives your handlers a recommendation. They can choose to accept it or consider it further. Either way, they’ll spend less time assessing and more time settling.

Accurate and detailed damage assessment

Each injury is itemised along with valuation data, using the Judicial College Guidelines, or your own compensation matrix. Portal Manager will use historic data to predict composite damages, which your handlers can factor into their decision.

Spot fraud, more effectively

Fraud happens. The challenge is knowing when and where, especially with so many claims on your books. Portal Manager helps you cut the amount of time, money and effort you spend minimising the impact of fraud.

Find fraud, more of the time

Portal Manager is intelligent. It uses our proprietary ‘MAKER’ algorithm to look for and flag potential fraud cases. This combines expert-based rules from Kennedys with cutting-edge machine learning, developed in partnership with the University of Manchester’s Cognitive Decision Science team, and is tuned to your book. When it finds fraud, it notifies your handlers. They can then review the evidence and make an assessment. If they disagree, they can give feedback to improve accuracy in future.

Save time and cut operating costs

It takes time for handlers to investigate fraud. Portal Manager can spot potential fraud at speed. It’s always looking for patterns of behaviour and fraud in real-time, as the claim detail evolves, so you miss fewer cases. And it reduces the number of false positives you need to investigate, saving you more time and money.

Protect your loss ratio

Often, compensators pay out in all but the most obvious fraud cases. Unnecessary and excessive false payouts, coupled with wasted high investigation costs, can push up premiums. Portal Manager helps contain these costs by helping you make the right call on the right cases earlier, setting them on the path for an optimal outcome sooner. This reduces wasted time and money, protecting your loss ratio.

Legal expertise ‘baked in’

All Kennedys IQ tools tap into the knowledge of Kennedys Law LLP, our parent company. Portal Manager is built on the foundations of this legal and insurance experience. So you get the benefit of Kennedys’ collective expertise in insurance and claims – without the lawyers.

Handle more complex cases yourself – including litigation and recovery

You’ll settle most cases within Portal Manager. But, for more complex cases, Portal Manager links to other Kennedys IQ tools to help you manage more of the process.

  • Defence Lawyer gives your handlers the power to work through litigation steps and resolve many claims without instructing lawyers.
  • Recovery Manager helps you recover incurred losses from other parties – especially for lower-value claims that are often less viable to pursue.
Only instruct lawyers when you really need to

Our goal was to create a tool to help you handle as much of your claims work as possible – and avoid instructing lawyers unnecessarily. You’ll only need to instruct a lawyer in more complex cases, so you reduce your costs and get to faster outcomes.

Hit your claims deadlines

Manage your claims swiftly and hit every deadline. Portal Manager constantly monitors your claims, alerting you to key events, making sure you act before deadlines bite. It leads you and your team through the claims process, so they can manage claims faster and more consistently. And it makes it easy to follow the correct process, every time. So fewer claims ‘drop out’, helping you keep claim costs and third-party solicitor costs down.

Always on and watching, even when you’re not

Portal Manager constantly monitors your claims on the MoJ and OIC portals, even when your teams are logged off. It will alert you to changes, key events and time-out deadlines.

Easier for your team to manage and use

We’ve designed the dashboard to keep things clear and concise. The interface and workflows are simple and intuitive, which makes the process easy to follow and learn – improving accuracy and cutting training costs.

‘OIC-ready’ – one place to manage both portals

The Official Injury Claims portal launches in 31 May 2021 – and will run alongside the current MoJ portal. Portal Manager helps you overcome the challenges of managing two systems.

One system for fewer errors and more efficiency

Your handlers will have one system to seamlessly manage both portals. This reduces the chances of errors or delays to settle claims, as there’s no switching between systems. We’ve developed clear, defined and easy-to-follow processes, so the learning curve for the OIC portal is less steep – and your people are prompted to carry out the right actions for the right processes.

Work together better and more efficiently as a team

Portal Manager makes it easier for larger teams to handle claims together. They have one shared system, which makes it easier to hand-off tasks from person to person. And the dashboard gives managers insight to help them spot where they could adjust processes or resourcing to handle claims more effectively.

Keep teams connected and processes flowing

All your teams work together in one simple system. When work is shared across teams, each step will happen at the right time. And they can easily reassign claims to other people to cover absence.

Manage teams based on powerful insights

Managers can use the dashboard to monitor how effectively your team is working together – looking for leakage, spotting excessive drop-outs due to missed deadlines, or identifying capacity and performance issues in the team.

Cut the amount of ‘re-keying’

Handlers can manage every step in one system – rather than switching between systems to oversee claims, assess quantum or consider potential fraud. You can even integrate and maintain internal claims records. So complex claims can be handled easily and accurately in one place, avoiding duplicated effort and mistakes.

Get Portal Manager for your teams

Start augmenting your team’s experience with Portal Manager, to manage your claims in a more consistent, accurate and cost-effective way – and unlock insights to achieve better claims outcomes.

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Kimberley Davies

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