Portal Manager

Get a clear picture of what the MoJ portal can tell you about your business

Why choose Portal Manager?

More than a million claims go through the MoJ portal each year. This could be a source of valuable data about your claims, your business and the wider industry, to help you optimise your performance and reduce costs. But it hasn’t always been easy to see that picture – until now.

Portal Manager is an easy-to-use dashboard that illustrates the full picture of MoJ portal claims. It extracts claims information from the portal, so you get complete visibility of your claims, along with in-depth insight and intelligence on your business and the wider industry.

What does Portal Manager do?

Understand your claims

Portal Manager generates live information – on a dashboard and in reports – to help you understand your claims performance. How many claims do you have in the portal? How long is each stage taking? When are claims falling out – or getting close to falling out? What are your points of leakage – and why is leakage happening? Portal Manager can analyse your data and generate the insight to give you a more complete picture.

Know your opponents

You can also get live information on claims by claimant firms, so you can identify trends and adjust your KYO (know your opponent) strategy accordingly.

We can also connect it to your own data and data from other firms, to understand industry trends and benchmark your performance against industry peers.

Assess how your handlers are performing

Portal Manager can also assess the relative performance of your handlers. It can spot if claims are approaching the point of falling out, so you can deal with them before they do. And it can identify handler trends, so you can optimise performance.

How does Portal Manager work?

Log in to Kennedys IQ Platform and Portal Manager gives you options to filter and refine the kinds of information you’re looking for. It then presents the information to you in a live dashboard, or through configurable reports.

And Fraud Detector can be fully integrated so that you’re more likely to spot potential fraud from the outset and throughout the life of the claim. Working in real-time, Fraud Detector will provide a fraud risk assessment that is presented against each claim.

IQ Platform

Our AI and machine learning technology. One single platform with multiple features to support the claims process.

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