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Kennedys IQ helps you manage your claims more efficiently. It’s a data-powered technology platform to help you manage your claims in less time, at a lower cost and with better outcomes. And it will help your business become better informed to tackle future threats, challenges and opportunities.

It generates strategic legal and industry insights to inform your business and your claims strategy. And it uses intelligent tools to power your day-to-day claims processes.

It brings together lawyers, technologists and claims experts to help your business and your claims professionals do what they do, even better.

Kennedys, without the lawyers.

From outset to settlement, without lawyers

We’ve developed the Kennedys IQ platform to help you automate or manage your claims workflow. The goal is to help you manage your processes more effectively, without lawyers.

Better data for better decisions

We’ve designed Kennedys IQ tools with that principle in mind, so that you can make decisions faster and more accurately.

It all starts by helping you capture better quality, relevant data at the outset of a claim, through Incident Manager. This information then powers the rest of the claims process.

You can also connect to information from a variety of Kennedys and external sources, to augment the information you already have.

And we’ve built in ‘feedback loops’, so each tool can spot where data is missing and ask you for it – or even talk directly to other tools, suggesting ways that the other tools can capture better or more relevant data.

Configure it. Quickly. Free

We want to empower you to make your processes as slick and efficient as possible. So we’ve designed the system to give you the power to configure the tools easily, by yourself, as and when you need to. With no long development times, and no extra cost.

Machine and human intelligence

Every tool is created using Kennedys’ real-world claims experience, and powered by IQ Platform. Our advanced AI systems help you speed up processes and make better decisions, by analysing vast amounts of data and spotting patterns that humans wouldn’t be capable of. All with the reassurance that each tool is based on trusted, industry leading legal and insurance experience, and informed by appropriate legislative frameworks.

Build your own solutions

We’ve made a good start – but we know there are even more ways that Kennedys IQ can help improve the claims workflow. So if you have a workflow challenge that we haven’t yet addressed, talk to our team. Our consultants, lawyers and technologists will work with you to find a way to use IQ Platform to solve your problem.

IQ Platform

We are doing things which no other law firm has ever considered.

Richard West
Partner, Head of Innovation

Digital intelligence

The blend of human expertise and machine learning is at the core of Kennedys IQ

Richard West
Partner, Head of Innovation

Digital intelligence

The blend of human expertise and machine learning is at the core of Kennedys IQ

Richard West
Partner, Head of Innovation





IQ Platform

Our AI and machine learning technology. One single platform with multiple features to support the claims process.

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