Our purpose

The driving force behind Kennedys IQ is to make a difference to our clients. When we first started using technology to power the claims process, our purpose was to help you use lawyers less. Today, this still holds true. But we believe the combination of smarter technology and data-driven insight can help you do so much more.

At Kennedys IQ our purpose is to create new ways that give you the power to be more successful, by:

  • Reducing the overall cost of claims. We do this by sharing empowering technology that makes the claims journey easier, smarter, more efficient and more effective.
  • Making smarter strategic decisions about the future of your business. We do this by sharing data-led insight into your own claims portfolio, and the forces shaping the industry and the wider world around you.

We do this with human and machine intelligence.

Powerful legal insight plus powerful technology. Giving you the power to lead the claims market.

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