Bright minds, brighter horizons: Kerala’s young innovators

Contact: Richard West, Karim Derrick, Tony Joseph


Kennedys IQ’s Future Innovators programme saw students from a tribal school in Kerala develop innovative ideas for solving both local and global problems. In March, Kennedys concluded Innovation Month by inviting young students to share their ideas. This month we returned with the second edition, deepening our commitment to developing students’ creative and innovation skills. The students tackled the big issues; from alert systems for landslides to smart ways of saving rainwater, a reflection of their community’s real-life challenges.

“We have taken huge pride in continuing to help support a local tribal school in Kerala. The Kennedys IQ team have worked to inspire the next generation of innovators by visiting the school and guiding the ten teams in our Future Innovators programme through their projects. The positivity and smiles from the pupils attending our office spoke volumes. Their enthusiasm reminded us of all that the best innovations are those that positively impact others, and that are fun to develop,” reflected Richard West, visibly impressed by the presentations.

But it wasn’t just about ideas. The second edition of the Future Innovators programme has been a journey of growth for these students. The students had a chance to develop their skills, get hands-on guidance, and even pick up some English, all thanks to the support from Kennedys IQ.

Watching them evolve, Karim Derrick noted, “we created Future Innovators to reflect our commitment to help nurture the next generation of innovators; doing so with tribal schools in Kerala is a huge privilege and one we intend to build on as we develop the programme further and invite more schools to participate – we’re looking for partners schools across the globe!”

On the big day, everyone gathered to see what the students had come up with. These young folks, who might have been a bit timid at the start, were then pitching their ideas like pros. And the awards handed out at the end were about more than just winning; they were a nod to the students’ hard work and dedication showing that with the right support anyone can innovate.

Celebrating five years of fostering innovation in Kerala

The Future Innovators programme was the perfect way to mark another big occasion: Kennedys IQ’s fifth year in Kerala. It had been a half-decade of growth, learning, and becoming a genuine part of the community.

“The business continues to grow and succeed. The calibre of the team in terms of technological and intellectual innovation is second to none. The supportive and performance focused culture really does drive high performance”, noted Rhian Gait-Parker, reflecting on the vibrant journey so far.

The anniversary bash was a real treat, featuring local cultural acts, and a genuine sense of camaraderie. Looking back on our journey so far, Tony Joseph reflected, “from our humble beginnings to the growing team we are today, our journey has been nothing short of incredible, all due to the selfless teamwork from everyone at our Kerala Office and the relentless support we receive from the UK. It was even more remarkable to celebrate the 5th anniversary by hosting the Future Innovators with the vibrant children from Government Tribal High School, Idinjar. This is an event which was very close to our hearts, and we look forward to making the future editions even better.”

This isn’t just a chapter in our journey; it is a stepping stone to a future where technological innovation is about making a real difference. Join us as we continue to innovate, inspire, and embark on new journeys to shape a better, brighter future.

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