Settlement Negotiator

Resolve disputes online. Quickly, confidentially, at a lower cost

Why choose Settlement Negotiator?

If you need to settle a claim, Settlement Negotiator will help you save money by cutting the amount of time your handlers need to be involved, and by cutting out procedural costs.

It’s an online, automated, unbiased and confidential system that automatically handles the claims negotiation process, without paper or face-to-face meetings.

What does Settlement Negotiator do?

Get the best deal, for everybody

Settlement Negotiator automates the process of settling a claim. For fairness, it’s a blind process. You simply put in three amounts, tending towards your best offer. That triggers an email to the other side explaining how to take part. They then put in their best three offers, blind to yours. If there’s overlap, Settlement Negotiator will look to split the difference.

If the offer is not accepted Settlement Negotiator will then repeat the process. If the offers are too far apart, it will alert you and you’ll go back to a manual process.

With Settlement Negotiator, we’ve partnered with leading online dispute resolution provider Cybersettle to bring their patented e-negotiation technology to the UK. Cybersettle is a confidential and unbiased online platform, which offers a quicker and inexpensive alternative to paper and face-to-face negotiation.

How does Settlement Negotiator work?

Simply log in, enter your three offers, and Settlement Negotiator will alert the other side, asking them to submit their three offers. It will then compare the offers and, if there’s overlap, it’ll split the difference to reach a settlement.

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